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 Rules-must read

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PostSubject: Rules-must read   Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:53 pm

Please note that this site is rated Mature. There are love scenes (not detailed). on a PG rating i'm gonna say PG 15 or 16. If this concerns you please contact an admin and get the details


1. One account per person
2. One character per account i.e person
3. No magic powers
4. If the Pharaoh or Princes' say no, it means NO
5. No pets besides your spirit animal. No horses either unless given by the pharoh.
6. Tell us if you wish your character to die or leave ahead of time so we can plan for it accordingly.
7. If you do not post or role play in three weeks from when you joined, your account will be deleted.
8. Please keep everything as historically accurate within the time frame as you can. If you're not sure about the accuracy of something, please contact the administrator, me, or research it.
9. Before making a plot or an event that effects others' characters, please talk with the members whos characters it will effect, as well as the administrator.
11. Your characters cannot be invinsible, dodging everything and never taking injury. Keep some realism.
12. If you are speaking to other characters use " "
13. If you are speaking to your spirit animal use ~ ~
14. If you are thinking to yourself use ' '
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Rules-must read
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