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 Guidelines - Social Norms

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PostSubject: Guidelines - Social Norms   Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:04 am


These are cultural norms that you need to take into account when posting. These are not rules Wink

Ancient Egypt - Woman's Status

While woman were more highly regarded in Egypt than almost any other ancient civilization, they were still pretty much subject to man's whims. Unfair I know but true. If a woman was found in adultery. Basically flirting with a guy that wasn't her husband, even if she isn't married yet, or anything more involved than that, in their definition, she could be killed. Obviously we won't take it that far LOL, but realize that if you have a girl character and she is caught touching "inappropriately" or kissing a man, she will be the one punished..probably not him. Notice I said "if caught" hint hint. Cough ok...now rules were even stricter with harem girls. If someone outside the royal family touches them, not only will the harem girl be punished so will the offending man. Something to keep in mind Wink And they were not above turning a man into a eunuch. If you don't know what a eunuch was look it up LOL.

Ancient Egypt - Slaves Status

Slaves were basically at the whim of their masters. If they disobeyed or if the master was told they disobeyed they were punished. Most of the time masters listened to other free mans' side of things before they trusted the slaves story. Unless you can endear yourself to the master and get him to trust you. If your master had a bad day. Beware. Don't upset him more. Slaves are always at the beck and call of their masters. There is no off shift. If he calls you...you must go.

Ancient Egypt - Harem Girl Status

Officially higher than a slaves status but not much. They actually had less freedom but more luxuries than a normal slave. Imagine prized pets kept in a cage but well taken care of. That will give you a close idea of how a harem girl was treated. She was at the whim of her master. She could not refuse him, and if she did there was consequences. She was not allowed outside the harem quarters unless summoned. If she was caught "sneaking" around again there was consequences.

Ancient Egypt - Guard Status

Guards from the royalties perspective were simply higher level slaves. They were still at the whim of royalty but were given authority over the other slaves to refuse them entry or exist from certain areas. Their job is to either protect royalty, watch the harem girls (i.e make sure no one messes with them), or guard the dungeon when there is a prisoner.

Ancient Egypt - Royalty Status

Anything goes basically. Royalty could do anything they d@mn well pleased. However they were still servants to the Pharaoh and Queen. Even if you were a child of the pharaoh, if you made him upset..really really upset. He could throw you in the dungeon or banish you. However he was normally more lax with his sons. There was of course a "code" of royalty. Things that were looked down upon. But no one but the Pharaoh, Queen, or royal siblings would dare to even mention it much less call a royal out on it.

Hope this helps Wink Remember these are guidelines, not rules. If these are broken or bended it will not result in any punishment to your account, however if caught your character will be punished according to the social norms.
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Guidelines - Social Norms
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